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This is a review of Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil product line, which is said to fortify and renew, while supporting healthy growth for all hair types, including chemically treated, heat styled, natural and transitioning.


The one uniform characteristic all these products possess (except the serum) is they each smell like a tropical beach vacation mmmmm.

Shampoo (16 oz, $10.99)
I don’t have many expectations when it come to shampoos, after all, it’s just a cleanser, but this is one I would purchase. First, it’s a great value at sixteen ounces for ten dollars, as compared to other reviews of more expensive shampoos I’ve done and it works just as well as those shampoos! My hair didn’t feel stripped or dry.  Dare I say, my hair felt moisturized.

Treatment Mask (16 oz, $12.99)
This deep conditioner is significantly thinner than any other the Shea Moisture deep conditioner I’ve seen. So thin that it is probably better dispensed in a bottle. Knowing this and my experience with the Coconut Hibiscus deep conditioner (#wompwomp), I had lukewarm expectations. Glad to say I was wrong again! This treatment mask is pretty fab! Because of the lack of density, there is a great deal of slip, which makes for  a perfect detangling conditioner.


After a few hours with a heat cap, this deep conditioner proved to smooth my cuticles, softened my hair and rinsed clean — no extra massaging necessary. Freshly rinsed, my hair’s curl pattern was quite noticeable. One day I may try a wash and go after deep conditioning with this.  One day.

Styling Lotion (8 oz $10.99)
After using the shampoo and treatment mask, I just knew this moisturizer would be a hit! Unfortunately, it was not #wompwomp. It was applied to freshly washed and deep conditioned hair which was allowed to hair dry. Once completely dry, my hair felt naked, as if I hadn’t used anything at all — except for one section where I mixed the serum and lotion. More about that later.

As usual, I used a shot of hot air to stretch my hair for easy styling. Though the product is labeled excellent to protect hair before using heat styling tools, I must say that I’ve used other heat protectants which left my hair feeling smoother during and after the blow dry process. Even an additional dab of the lotion once my hair was dry did nothing for moisture.

Serum (2 oz, $10.99)
Called a serum, but the viscosity is more like an oil. The directions list it’s use for scalp massages or as a restorative treatment (which read more like a pre-poo).  For this review I used it all over my scalp after the blow dry process and didn’t experience anything significant.

I also reserved a section of my freshly washed hair and used this serum mixed with the styling lotion throughout the length and there was a slight difference noticed during the blow dry process. The hair was smoother with more shine.

Edge Treatment (4 oz,$12.99)
Looks a lot like a gel. It has a very jiggly texture. And that’s as far as I went with this product.

Gels are not my forte’. I’ve tried enough to know nothing tames my edges and this will probably be no different. Don’t get me wrong, I may dab a bit on my edges later in the week and update this review to reflect some amazing revelation, but that’s a highly unlikely end result.



Being that this line is new and only found in limited stores, it is highly sought after. If you’re one of those looking for these products, I would recommend starting with the treatment mask and shampoo, which can both be found on Amazon along with the other products in the line. There is also a leave-in conditioner and Christine over at Mane Objective gave it 5 stars!

If you are hellbent on purchasing the styling lotion, I recommend pairing it with an oil of your choosing.

Have you tried any products from this line?


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