FAQs: My Hair in the Bibbed Scarf Video

by West Parsons on October 14, 2010

in fashion, hair care, sleekjewels

Many of you inquired about my hair in the last video I posted [See Related Video]. The style is actually very simple.  I wore my hair in twists for 1 whole week.  My hair was stretched prior to twisting and I twisted my hair using Taliah Waajidd Protective Mist Bodifier . There were approx 25 twists. Within the week, I used flexi-rods to curl my twists and moisturized with Taliah Waajid every other day or so.  In the video you watched, my hair was just freshly untwisted.  I just simply separated the 2 strands of hair.  

That’s it!  Simple.  

Volume was gained as time progressed.  I wore the twist-out style for an additional week.