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by West Parsons on November 2, 2010 · 3 comments

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Name: Craig C.
Age: 26
Geographical Location: Miami
Educational Background: College Grad

How important is hair to overall attractiveness? Specifically, which styles (down vs. ponytail vs. bun) and lengths?
Well, hair is apart of the overall presentation of the total appearance, just like clothes and shoes, so it always entails together. Every man has their preference of the hair they like on a woman. Some like long straight or long and curly. Hair buns are really nice but they are a safe conservative look. But my personal favorite is curly hair either short or long.

Do you feel there is a ‘Natural Hair Movement’ currently occurring? Why do you think so many women are going natural (i.e. Do you think most women want to make a statement or to just stop relaxing)?
I don’t feel there is a natural hair movement in Miami, where I’m currently living. But I have an understanding that this natural hair obsession is a topic that has come up enough for me to give it a listen. Most woman just want to experience the feeling of not having the hair crack applied and the high cost of sitting in salon chairs and listening to a whole bunch of celebrity ghetto gossip.

Would you support your significant other if she decided to become natural?
Do I have a choice? Well if that’s a journey she wants to embark then I’m with her 100 percent. And I don’t think I have a choice at all. So I just have to join the ride.

Are you able to tell the difference in textures of hair? If your significant other were to go natural, would the texture of her hair affect your opinions on whether she should remain natural or not?
I’m not really able to distinguish the differences at all. I don’t think guys can really tell, maybe some can but the ones I asked could really care less. But they do care if it looks good. But if she was to go natural, I guess it would be educational to learn different types of textures but it wouldn’t change my opinion for her to stay natural.

Do you like or dislike when your significant other changes her hair style often (i.e. wigs, weaves, braids, flat ironed, wash & go)?
I don’t mind at all if she changes her styles often. I actually encourage it, men like variety in their woman. Multiple hair style changes shows me she has edge, creativity and not a damn care of what others around her feel. You should strive to be different, rather than just having the “normal” look.

Does the amount of time your significant other spends on her hair prove to be problematic?
No not at all. Coming from a household full of women I got used to it. It comes with the territory.

How do you feel about the amount of money your significant other spends on her hair? Is there a point where the amount of money is a source of conflict? Is it acceptable for her to spend as much as she chooses as long as she looks fly?
From my experience, I’ve never dated a woman who didn’t spend lots of money on hair products and beauty salon visits. I was floored one day to see how a much one of the natural tea or olive oil bottles of shampoos and conditioners, etc costs. It would only become a problem if she were to forget about the important things of life and instead concentrate on expensive hair products. But I was once told that if I can put expensive engine oil in my vehicle then I shouldn’t have a problem using the best products in my hair.

Do you think your companion should consider your opinion when making decisions about her hair?
If my partner wants to include me in the decision making, then I have no problem. I wouldn’t mind giving my input.

Why do you think women care about a man’s opinion when it relates to hair?
Well I feel it’s more about self assurance that a man gives their woman when they tell them that their hair style looks really good on them. I haven’t met one woman that hasn’t asked a man’s opinion on hair styles or wardrobe options. The most famous question is “Baby how does it look, does it look good?

How do you view women that wear weaves? Can you tell the difference between natural hair and a weave?
I don’t view woman who wear weaves any different than women who wear their natural hair. But it takes a lot of guts to go against society’s norms of not having your hair relaxed. Most men will say they notice the differences between weaves and natural hair and are usually right. I can tell the difference between the two just in texture alone.

How do you feel about satin sleeping bonnets or any type of hair scarf?
Hey I always say do u… if that’s what keeps it together then be my guest and keep it on at night.

Does it matter to you whether your significant other’s hair is relaxed or not?
No, it doesn’t matter at all.


Kimberlaya November 12, 2010 at 1:16 am

A lil off topic but he's a very nice looking man 😉

Courtney November 12, 2010 at 8:08 pm

Yes he surely is. Handsome fella :p

Anonymous November 13, 2010 at 4:27 pm

I really liked his comments. Nuanced, respectful and honest.