The Kinkiest of Kinky Hair Can Be Flat Ironed Silky Straight Too!

by West Parsons on November 8, 2010 · 5 comments

in hair care, straight hair

I received a comment from a reader on a blog post titled My Journey to Perfectly Flat Ironed Hair .

“Your natural hair is shiny & sleek. This may not work for kinky Afro texture hair. Like 4b…”

I thank you for the compliment, but I also wanted to give all the other natural gals with a more cottony hair texture hope that it is possible for you to attain silky straight results when flat ironing. Let me not forget to mention, although the majority of my hair is 4a, the front portion is 4b and the nape is 3c. I do consider myself to have kinky hair.

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Below you will find pictures of a friend of mine who has very cotton-like, extremely kinky hair. She has no curl pattern when wet and experiences MAJOR shrinkage. I straightened her hair using Aphogee Green Tea as a heat protectant; this was the very first time her hair had been straightened since going went natural.

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The moral of the story is — even if your hair texture is the kinky-est of kink, don’t be discouraged. It just takes patience and practice to achieve the desired results. Look at me! I didn’t have the technique down pat until 2 years after I initially began straightening. Hopefully, if you read this post and my previous post (see link above) about straightening, you should be ahead of the game.

Happy straightening dolls!

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