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Tip #1: Need to search the web? Do it with
Tip #2: Get the toolbar. Stay connected and win more.
Tip #3: Invite your friends.  When they win, you win!
Tip #4: Share your opinions through trusted surveys.
Tip #5: Want swagbucks quickly? Complete a special offer.
Tip #6: Do you shop online? Visit the shop and earn mall before you buy.
Tip #7: Reduce your carbon footprint while earning swagbucks.
Tip #8: Interact with the polls.
Tip #9: Make your home page.
Tip #10: Read the swagbucks blog.
Tip #11: Keep up with The Swag Guy’s (TSG) Facebook/Twitter account.
[Source: Swagbucks Tips]    

**Need a little bit more of an explanation on what swagbucks are? View my video explanation. CLICK HERE.

Thus far, I have acquired these items FREE through the use of and then using to complete the purchase: 
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Chelleyrock December 7, 2010 at 5:13 pm

Thanks so much for putting me onto swagbucks! Because of you, I've accrued 914 swagbucks so far.

Anonymous December 10, 2010 at 5:15 pm

How can i add you as a friend on my Swagbucks account?