PRODUCT REVIEW: Jane Carter’s Nourishing Cream

by West Parsons on December 7, 2010

in product review


After my mishap with Shea Moisture products (read about HERE), I made it my business to take a trip back to Target to return the products. While doing so, I took a stroll down the ethnic hair care isle to check out what’s new…seeing that it had been a whole 4 days since I’d been there last. Don’t judge me! lol. 

I decided to try Jane Carter’s Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner (review coming soon) and  Hair Nourishing Cream. I purposely decided to try the Hair Nourishing Cream because it contains shea butter as the 2nd ingredient.  I just wanted to make sure the reason the Shea Moisture products didn’t work for me is not because it contained an ingredient my hair doesn’t like (i.e. – shea butter).

Price – $22 (4.5 oz)

Where to Buy – Target | | 

Product Label –  Natural Butters, Pure Essential Oils, Botanicals and Vitamins make Hair Nourishing Cream the ultimate hairdress. It’s ultra light consistency will not weigh hair down.  Use it as a hairdress. It’s great for blow drying natural hair.  It will leave hair shiny, soft and bouncy. 

Top 3 Ingredients – Purified Water, Shea Butter, Kokum Butter

I initially used this product on a 3day old frizzy braid-out (pictured above) that was done with my version of  kimmaytube leave-in and Cantu Shea Butter. I finger detangled first with the Revitalizing Leave-in and and applied a dime sized amount to each row of hair that I was working with.  I braided the hair and twirled the ends to that they curled.  I kept it braided overnight and unbraided  the next day.

As you can see (below) my hair is well defined, shiny, frizzless and moisturized. This style lasted the entire week.  I wore it down for the first few days and then I banana clipped it for the remainder of the week. The price tag of this 4.5 oz product is the only turn-off at $22. But there is hope. An Amazon seller has the current price of $11 (CLICK HERE).  Or you can save up some swagbucks and purchase it on Amazon for FREE with giftcards!

I really need to figure out a way to stretch it, but still preserve its power to make my hair feel so soft, shiny and full of body. Yes! My hair was SWANGIN! I may decide to try the Curl Defining Cream since you get more product for your money, and compare its results with the Nourishing Cream.
Would I buy Jane Carter’s Nourishing Cream again? Yes!  It smelled great, produced long lasting results and kept my hair moisturized and not much product was needed. For kinky/curly/coily hair, that should be the ultimate goal of any product.  Dear Mrs. Jane Carter, This product is a homerun!
My hair a few days later.  I am wearing the same sweater….its my ‘work sweater’.