Henna + Moisture – The Results

by West Parsons on January 14, 2011 · 1 comment

in henna, straight hair

A few months ago, I embarked on an experiment to determine the effects of henna treatments upon my new found knowledge of increased moisture in my flat ironing routine. [See Original Post]

I showed you all what my hair looked when I deep conditioned with moisture ONLY. I also showed you the results of using henna ONLY.  Both procedures produced noticeable differences my straightening results.

I hypothesized I would have silky, thicker-looking hair if pairing both of these steps in my routine for about 3 months.

Here are there results:

As you can see my hair was not as straight as my usual and also did not appear to be any thicker. To me, my hair was a little more frizzy. It was very reminiscent of my hair pre moisture-rich deep treatments, hence the reason why it was in a pony tail. All in all, was it worth the extra time for both procedures? Nope.  But I definitely will continue my typical straightening routine.

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Hair2Toe Beauty January 14, 2011 at 3:39 pm

Great comparison!