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by West Parsons on January 12, 2011 · 2 comments

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How long have you been natural?
I have been natural for almost a year now. I did the big chop on February 2010

What made you decide to go natural?
During summer 2009 I went abroad and unfortunately couldn’t bring my hairstylist with me and didn’t want to relax my new growth myself.  so a friend suggested I do Bantu-knot and braids out to mix both relaxed and natural hair. I loved it and for the first time I was happy with my hair and the way it looked so I wonder if my natural hair would look like that if I let it grow out. That’s when I started educating myself about going natural, transitioning and so on. Unfortunately when I got back home, I had a wedding to attend and the easiest, my mum and girl friends agreed, was to relax and style my ‘thick mane’. Anyway my hair just felt lifeless and I wasn’t happy so when I move to London few months later I decieded to transition and when I finally realized other people’s opinions will not define me anymore I did the big chop.

While natural, what is the one biggest regret /mistake you made?
I think at the beginning, my mistake was to use to same products I used when my hair were relaxed until I found out about natural products. I pretty much educated myself thanks to blogs, books and also consultation with natural hair-styler and from then on my journey became way more easier and enjoyable

What is the craziest hairstyle or treatment you have done to your hair?
It my seem weird since common to a lot of black woman but weave. When I think about a crazy hairstyle while natural I think weave. Not crazy in the look of it but I went from proudly rocking an afro to having long jet black sleek hair. I was shocked by my own look which didnt feel like myself at all and the lady who cornrow my hair and put the weave tight it so much that I had an headache for a whole week and had to take painkillers. I also had a lot of bumps on the extremities and was afraid my hair would fall off in those area.
What is your current relationship with your hair?I love my hair! It’s silly but I can talk about natural hair and products for hours, I really reconnected with my hair since the big chop and I love that they make me feel special and unique.

What is the trick or technique are you most thankful for finding out about?
Moisturizing and Apple cider vinegar rinse it works like a charm leaving my hair soft, clean and healthy.

What specific products can you not live without?
Natural hair product made by Naturally Sexy http://www.naturallysexy.co.uk and Apple cinder vinegar for my hair rinse

What advice would you give to someone considering going natural?It’s your own choice and your own journey. Don’t let anybody tells you what you should look like it is hard enough to get used to our natural hair, especially if you’ve always had them relaxed like me. Educate yourself, get to know about the natural world there is more and more blog, webpage, youtube videos out there with products suggestions, hairstyle advice, and so on.

Where can we find out more information about you and your hair?
My blog Afroholic

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afroholic January 17, 2011 at 11:08 pm

thanks for the featuring!!
I have a new blog now called afroholic.wordpress.com

afroholic February 6, 2012 at 6:27 pm

It feels like way back when I look at those pictures! Thanks for your blog, I just love the hair and fashion tips! If you need any updated info/pictures on my journey I’ll be more than happy to share; like most naturals I just love to talk about hair lol
Keep up!