Manicure Kit – The Essentials

by West Parsons on March 21, 2011

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My mom is a licensed cosmetologist. While she was in school, years ago, I was her guinea pig for almost everything she was learning in class, which included, not only hair, but nails too.  I had first hand experience with and knowledge of every beauty service she learned whether she performed it on me, let me perform it on her or I observed an appointment.  Eventually, I started reading her cosmetology textbooks and began to dibble and dabble in her equipment and tools. When she wasn’t looking, I was using her supplies to experiment with acrylic nails, silk wrapping, and of course polishing with a little nail art on her mannequin hands.

With the above experience, I learned there are a few things that a girl MUST have in her manicure kit.  All items listed below are what I consistently keep in my manicure kit.

Cream Cuticle Remover ($5)
A creamy or liquid based solution should saturate your cuticles while you submerse your nails in warm water.  This helps to loosen the excess skin, making it easier to remove after pushing it back with the cuticle pusher.

Cuticle Pusher ($18)
After your cuticles have been saturated with the cuticle remover solution, the cuticle pusher is used to push the cuticles back to help loosen excess skin.

Cuticle Cutter ($9)
This is used to trim hangnails and remove excess skin after the cuticles have been loosen by a cuticle remover solution and pushed back by a cuticle pusher. This tool can also be the reason you may end up with a blood drawn manicure so be careful when using.

Some prefer a rounded square, completely rounded nails or maybe even trianglular shaped nails. Cosmetology text books suggest filing nails in one direction.  When you use the back and forth motion, it tears the nail and making it microscopically weaker and more susceptible to breaking. After filing, use the buffer to smooth the surface of your nails for a smoother application of your nail polish.  Be careful not to buff too much as this can result thin nails, which may result in peeling and eventually chipped nail polish.

Note: You should fille and shape your nails prior to using the cuticle remover solution and soaking your nails. It is best to do this while your nails are in its strongest state and not weakend by the moisture of water. 

A ridge filler is used on a clean nail surface prior to base coat application to help in providing a smooth canvas for your polish.  It also helps to reduce, if not totally eliminate, staining of your nails.

After your desired color has been applied, finish it off with a few strokes of a top coat. This step not only adds additional shine, but also helps to increase the life span of your polish, preventing chipping and dulling.  The quick drying element means you will be back to your daily hustle and bustle a little faster with less risk of smudging.  currently has a coupon code  for 20% off $50 using 555267 exp 3/24

 What’s in your manicure kit?  What do you use it for? 

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