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by West Parsons on April 6, 2011

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How long have you been natural?

A little over 13 months. I cut my relaxed ends off in Feb. 2010 after transitioning since April 2009.

What made you decide to go natural?
Curiosity. I honestly did not remember what my hair looked like prior to a relaxer so I decided I would let it grow out… just to see.

While natural, what is the one biggest regret /mistake you made?
Fortunately….I haven’t had any regrets while being natural. However, I do regret not going natural sooner.

What is the craziest hairstyle or treatment you have done to your hair?
Not sure I’ve tried a crazy hairstyle or treatment yet lol I bleached the front portion of my hair for exactly 5 minutes to get a different color…. does that count? =]

What is your current relationship with your hair?
I freakin’ love my hair! Its big, bold, and beautiful. Its almost like my hair has its own identity . I’m now Steph…with ‘the hair’. I like to try new styles, colors, ect. None of which I would have dared to try when I was relaxed. I feel so comfortable with my hair now, and I enjoy being the only person in charge of my own hair care.

What is the trick or technique are you most thankful for finding out about?
Hmmmm….Honestly I am thankful for finding the Tangle Teezer. My hair is super thick and detangling took a really long time. Now its 15 minutes…tops.

What specific products can you not live without?
I’ve noticed in the beginning of my journey that a good leave-in conditioner was key and maintaining moisture during styles. Two products that have become staple for me are the Kinky Curly Knot Today and Lisa’s Elixir by Carol’s Daughter.

What advice would you give to someone considering going natural?
Stick with it! Experiment with different things and you are bound to find what works for you. I think in the beginning it takes some degree of dedication, so just stick it out through the rough times.

Where can we find out more info about you and your hair?
My Fotki: http://www.fotki.com/gorgeousgeek
Twitter: @GorgeousGeek
I’m also on BlackHairMedia.com under GorgeousGeek =]


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