Accessorize with Batik

by West Parsons on May 31, 2011

in accessories, fashion

Boxing Kitten – African Chic Attire

Tribal/Batik prints are slowly, but surely making their way on the fashion scene. Check out the Etsy stores below where you can find a world of batik items, from home accessories to clothing.

QuellyRueDesigns – African Tribal Bangles $36

SisterBatik – OOAK Orange Stripe Throw Pillow Cover $40

SisterBatik – Wax Batik Cosmetic Bags $25

LotusRootsCreations – Tribal Tear Drop Hoop Earrings $34

NaturallyPassionate – Batik Wax Fabrik Hair Comb $7

natureasmuse – Canary Multi-strand Malaysain Batik Scarflace $26

Orese – Adiya Ankara Fabric Earrings $30

Which is your favorite?