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by West Parsons on May 26, 2011 · 1 comment

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Raven and I go way back (as if I know her lol) to  “That’s What Little Girls Are Made Of“.  At that time I knew nothing of the Cosby’s.  Honestly, while the show was on primetime I was living in the islands. I can’t remember any member of my household watching the show, but Raven, herself was all over the video and radio waves. Her song, That’s What Little Girls Are Made Of was being played everywhere on the island, at the beach, in the stores, at parties.  It was the jam and the anthem of little girls everywhere!

Who knew she would grow up to maintain that spotlight and do it so well, while avoiding all the pitfalls and negative publicity that seems to be inevitable for some in Hollywood. Go Raven!

When I found out a few months ago that she was natural, my like for her grew a little more (see post HERE). Now after watching her latest interview on Wendy Williams (just like how Oprah is my Aunty in my mind lol), Raven-Symone is my homegirl.  Check out the interview below.

She also has a career dedicated website. Check out

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nika June 1, 2011 at 4:09 am

Wait a minute that show was over a long time ago…Ray, whatchu talk’in bout?