Henna Hands + Twist n’ Curl Hair

by West Parsons on June 8, 2011

in my hair, peek into my world

A few weeks ago I attended a wedding of a friend who happens to be Arabic.  The first thing I thought when I got the invite was “Can I wear henna?”  O_O  lol.  I figured this may be one of my only chances to justify having the temporary tattoo  since the first question I anticipated being asked when I returned to work was “Did you go to a wedding?”  They did ask and I was able to say “Yes”.

Most people are aware henna parties often occur a few days before the wedding in Indian, African and Middle Eastern cultures. I questioned the artist who drew my henna (free-hand) about the history of this ancient art and she basically said, “You wear jewelry to look pretty, we wear henna.”  Simple! She also added, henna is not exclusive to weddings — And that, ladies, was all I needed to authorize myself to have henna done at random times throughout the year. lol.

She drew the henna on both hands in a matter of 20 minutes.  I will say, driving home was thee most awkward. The henna was still wet and I was trying my best not to stain my clothes or car. Once home, the henna was basically dry to touch. I applied a mixture of lime juice and sugar on the dried henna. This helped to release more dye and deepen the color. I left the paste on for approximately 5 hours before washing it off.  By day two, the  henna was more pronounced and brighter.

After a full week passed, the henna began to fade.

About my hair — The first hair + henna pic you see is what my hair looked like that morning.  After being in the heat all day and then to the wedding festivities, the last pic is what my hair looked like at the end of the night.