The Best Banana Clip for Natural Hair

by West Parsons on June 20, 2011 · 5 comments

in hair styles

Kimmaytube stepped on the scene and livened up the banana clip with the video above. The styles are fun, fresh, and totally easy to duplicate. Unfortunately, in my experience using the Goody Clincher banana clips seen in this video, they break easily and are difficult to repair.

I’ve gone through tens of banana clips in my lifetime (I’ve always been Natural) until I found  THIS banana clip. When I purchased, three came in a pack (black, brown, white).  I figured I was getting a deal considering the fact that I anticipated the black clip, since I will be using it the most, to break within 4 uses and the brown and white would be my back up clips.

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Two years later and my black clip is still alive and kickin’! The reason these clips last as long as they do is because the closure is a ball and socket. Essentially you can separate the two pieces of the clip completely from one another and put it back together.  So when my ‘fro is entirely too huge and I am struggling to clip it all in one, I never worry about my clip breaking. If the two pieces separate, I stick the ball back into the socket and keep it moving. It’s as simple as that! Hands down, thee best banana clip ever! GET ONE!

What’s the life span of your banana clip?