My Regimen: Fall 2011

by West Parsons on August 31, 2011 · 5 comments

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Finally an update to my regimen.  It’s taken me a while to get this down after experimenting with new products and finding new staples.  Yay for finding moisturizing products!  Here is what I do weekly:


I always start with my hair in four sections. I currently don’t use any specific shampoo.  Whatever I have on hand a the moment is fine (I am intersted in KBB’s Juicy Bar Shampoo). I generally shampoo about once per month to remove product build up.  Other times, I co-wash with Aussie Moist. Sometimes, even after co-washing, I will follow with a light shampoo if I am feeling paranoid about the cones in the Aussie Moist and how it will interact with follow up products I will be using.


Conditioners used to be the holy grail of my routine, but I’ve since stepped back and I’m slightly less interested in conditioners (at least for the times that I wear my hair kinky).  Although I will say, I still won’t NOT allow water to touch my hair without deep conditioning occurring for at least 3 hours.

I am currently rotating Bee Mine Beautiful Moisturizing Deep Conditioner, Karen’s Body Beautiful Luscious Locks Hair Mask. I usually give my conditioners a moisture boost by adding 1-2 tbsp of each of the following — Agave Nectar, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil & Olive Oil.  Wet hair pictured below.


Ever so often, I oil-steam.  I generally use pure coconut oil or Qhemet Biologics Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee.  See video here where I discuss this process.


I detanlge (my wet hair) and moisturize using either Qhemet Biologics Coco Tree Detangling Ghee or Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Lavender Vanilla.  I use either of these products throughout the week when added moisture is necessary. I seal with Aethiopika Twist & Hydrate Butter or Karen’s Body Beautiful Creamylicious.


I have been stretching my hair using THIS method weekly.  I sometimes get lazy and blow dry my hair,  mimicking PinkSkates’ blow dry method.  I follow by twisting or braiding.  Depending on how the twists themselves look, I will sport a cloth headband, curl the ends, wear a twist out or wear it all up in a banana clip.

I have recently ordered a few products, depending on each products’ performance, it could be making its way into my routine;  Hair Veda’s Sitrinillah, Vatika Frosting,  Whipped Creme Ends Hydration Moisturizer Leave-in & Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy Leave-in.


Juceefroot September 6, 2011 at 4:41 pm

I just want to stop by and thank you for sharing your regimen for this fall with us… I’ve been using your stretching method and my hair is BAM WOW! without the use of heat… and in fact, since I’m not using heat, it’s so much more defined and beautiful. I will be wearing my hair like this all fall… it’s so big and shapely! (tons of compliments)…

so thanks for a more defined and still stretched out style! love it!

westNDNbeauty September 7, 2011 at 10:48 pm

I’m glad to have helped in bettering the health of your hair 🙂 Thanks doll for the update!

KayJay September 8, 2011 at 8:01 pm

I need to develop a steady regimen with all of the new products I’ve been trying lately.

westNDNbeauty September 8, 2011 at 8:04 pm

Regimens are good, but you definitely cannot become too complacent in only using one specific product for each step. It’s definitely good to switch it up a little.

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