Photo Review: Afroveda CocoLatte Moisture Mask

by West Parsons on September 5, 2011

in photo review, product review

When I first purchased Afroveda’ s Cocolatte Moisture Mask, the jar was so huge I thought I was purchasing a conditioner. I was at Sage Naturalceuticals and they were having a sale. My eyes were pretty much glazed over and I wasn’t seeing straight.  I’ll admit it LOL. Though, due to the jar being so big, this will definitely last a long time if used as a moisturizer.

The long and short of it all  is that I have a cocoa  butter-based moisturizer I adore and I am not really interested in another.  So this unused jar of Cocolatte Moisture Mask is for sale at $16! Email me at if you would like to purchase. I know there are some Afroveda addicts out there!

Remember, if you are interested in purchasing this jar from me, email me!