How To| Condition Your Hair for Optimum Moisture

by West Parsons on March 5, 2012

in hair care

photo: mostafadouban

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The Application Technique
The best and most moisturizing conditioner is worthless when your application game is all wrong.  The mistake of gathering a glob of condish, rubbing it in your palms and massaging it in haphazardly is frequently made.  In fact, to ensure that all strands are properly moisturized, parting your hair into at least 4 sections, then further parting through each of those sections while applying in a downward motion is best practice. Additionally, ends to roots should be the direction for application. This ensures complete saturation of the oldest and most fragile portion of your hair.

The Condish Is In — Now What?
Many are sticklers and follow product directions to a ‘T‘. While this may best when using altering chemicals such as hair dye or relaxers, the same is not necessary for conditioners.  Just as there are products that may work for one, but may not work for another, I think that is also true for directions.  Some directions are not the best for all hair types and textures. You have to do what works for your hair. Following manufacturer directions and leaving the conditioner in for 3-10 minutes does not always cut it. Experiment a little. It can’t hurt to deep condition for longer periods and see if there is a difference.

A hair therapy wrap [+] gets you the most miles for your dollar, literally.  It allows you to be free to take care of other things around your home while you are deep conditioning (with heat).  You are not confined to sitting under a steamer or hooded dryer, though both are viable options.  For some, the hair therapy wrap delivers the most potent punch for conditioning. Take a nap — I always do 🙂

After Rinsing (optional)
You’ve spent possibly hours deep conditioning, now you want to ensure that your hair reflects all of your effort. The cuticle or most outer layer of your hair plays a role in the perceived condition of your hair.  Raised cuticles can result in frizzy, dull hair.  Yes, that is possible even after spending an eternity deep conditioning. If this is a problem for you, consider the following:

  1. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse – one gallon of water diluted with 1/4 cup of acv to lay your cuticle flat OR
  2. Cold water rinse – some believes this helps to lay cuticles flat

Not only does a final rinse help to smooth your cuticle, but it also is your first line of defense for retaining moisture.  When your cuticles lay flat, the moisture that has been absorbed into your cortex from deep conditioning is able to remain within the core of the hair strand. Simple.

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