Solange Says Bye-Bye to Carol’s Daughter

by West Parsons on September 20, 2012 · 5 comments

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Excerpts from her latest interview with LURVE mag —

On so much attention being focused on her Hair
I’m actually really trying to navigate my feelings on the entire hair issue and it’s tough doing that publicly.  On one hand, I can’t ignore the fact that I have done things that have put attention on my hair with going on Oprah and being apart of Carol’s Daughter.

I was asked to go on Oprah on an episode that was dedicated to Black Hair, and to speak about why I cut my hair. I honestly thought, “Number one, it’s Oprah, and who wouldn’t want to go on Oprah and meet her?!?!  She’s amazing! But also, I thought if I addressed it then, then maybe I wouldn’t have to on that level again.

I spoke about how I felt like my hair was holding me back in some ways from fully utilizing my life, in terms of the time, energy and money I was spending. I also remember very clearly saying that this was the phase I am in at the time and that if I wanted to wear a weave down to my calves–when and if that time came–I very much so would. I still feel that way now. I realize for some people that this was a big turning point in terms of how they saw me.

I’m actually no longer a part of Carol’s Daughter, but throughout my entire time working with them, I was constantly fighting for the right message to be heard. The message that, the way we wear our hair is a personal choice, there’s no right or wrong way; one way doesn’t make us more intelligent, or more superficial, and every one makes that choice for very different reasons.

On the time she vented on twitter after reading an article about her hair:
I made some comments on Twitter recently about an article someone sent me that a young writer wrote about how much energy we are putting into other people’s natural hair. I thought it was really interesting, and in a lot of ways true.  That is until I came across the part of the article that mentioned how certain commenters were debating on the texture of my hair in its natural state.

I really, truly was not even aware that there was a natural hair system in place to measure the texture of your hair.  At that point I thought to myself, “This is really kind of crazy…that these people know more about my hair than the human that even carries it!”  I went to my Twitter and sort of impulsively expressed that. I don’t regret it one bit but sometimes trying to put how you feel in an one-hundred forty character structure is not very successful. It sometimes comes off as ranty and aggressive, and that was not my stance at all.

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Was this relationship change between Solo and Carol’s Daughter foreseeable?


nika September 21, 2012 at 8:07 pm

Intersting, so why is she no longer part of Carol’s Daughter?

April September 23, 2012 at 1:11 am

Solange seems to be a little fickle to me. How do you become a hair spokesperson and then not want to talk about hair? She will never have success beyond being Beyonce’s little sister if she keeps pulling stunts like this. No one is going to want to work with her.

JoAnn September 27, 2012 at 3:04 pm

Solange simply isn’t right for the job as Spokesperson of this company. She would want to be immersed in the natural hair community and the knowledge of natural hair if she were serious about the job!

So long Solange!

Chloe September 29, 2012 at 2:01 pm

I will have to agree, when you decide to become a spokeswoman for a Natural hair care line you stand for that brand and what it represents, regardless of what your motives for accepting the position were, it is what is it is. I wonder exactly why shes no longer with carols daughter, however if above is how she feels then she perhaps is not the correct spokesperson for this position, with all the work and love you put into natural hair how could you feel like its a “phase”.

symplybee September 30, 2012 at 11:12 am

Solange is a young woman & perhaps at the time she wanted to make a statement & take a stand on natural hair. Not everybody can handle the criticism & constant pressure of bring a spokesperson & living your own life with being natural . Perhaps she wants to weave it up & Carol’s Daughters reps felt that wasn’t what they’re looking for. Whatever the reason it was her choice!. Its hair folks & we just need to breathe! Stop looking for representatives for who you are! In the words of India Aire I AM NOT MY HAIR!