How To| 5 Anti-Aging Tips for Natural Hair Care

by West Parsons on July 31, 2013 · 3 comments

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Not only does your skin reveal your age, but your hair does too! We are all well aware of many healthy hair practices and probably employed one or two routinely.  But there are a few more that should be a part of our weekly routine to ensure we put our best [head of hair] forward.

Use less shampoo. Shampoo contains ingredients which are necessary to rid the hair of build-up by raising the pH, which lifts the cuticle. Doing this too often can be harsh for kinky or curly hair, as shampoo also has many drying agents. Though our scalp produces oil, the texture of our hair does not allow the sebum to flow easily down the shaft, when compared to those who have naturally straight hair. This tends to result in our hair drying and requiring use of moisture-rich products.

Use less heat. For some, the convenience the blow dryer offers is nearly impossible to duplicate. Instead of nixing heat tools all together, use smarter heat tools. Ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline heat appliances are all better choices. They help to even out the distribution of heat, preventing the concentration of heat to any one part of hair resulting in causing damage.

Replenish moisture often. Especially if you use heat appliances, additional dabs of moisturizer on the ends of your hair immediately after heat usage helps to prevent the cracking and splitting of your hair’s cuticle. NeXXus Youth Renewal Elixir [+] is an option when replenishing moisture. It has a silky texture and smells divine! The Elixir also contains a balance of  humectants and proteins to moisturize and strengthen. Snag  your FREE SAMPLE HERE!

Avoid Alcohol. Simply put, most alcohols dry your hair. As previously mentioned, dry strands leads irreversible damage. This ingredient is often found in gels and hair sprays.

Treat with protein. Though our hair is made of mostly protein, daily wear and tear causes damage which often leads to gaps in hairs’ cuticles and even cortex. Protein treatments and reconstructors temporarily fill in those gaps helping to increase the healthy appearance of hair.

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Zion naturals August 5, 2013 at 12:51 pm

I really enjoy your blog and i think it’s wonderful what you are doing here. Just want to say keep it up.

nappy headed black girl August 7, 2013 at 4:35 pm

I’m working on the moisture and protein tips. I’m waiting for my Joico protein treatment (it was highly recommended), which I’m going to use monthly.

I used to do the daily moisture thing back in the day but stopped as it was more detrimental than beneficial. Now that I’m a dread I either don’t moisturize at all between washes or do so maybe once a week. I’m going to ramp that back up though and see if I can see a difference.

The Frugal Exerciser August 9, 2013 at 1:51 pm

Because I am older, I can add a couple of things to your list. As one ages, the estrogen hormone decreases and the skin gets drier so it is good to add omega 3 and 6 fat to the diet. Boost the vitamins in your diet especially Biotin and vitamin A. Treat your scalp to warm oil treatments too.