Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Collection for Textured Hair

by West Parsons on February 25, 2015 · 2 comments

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As seasons change, so should our beauty routine. Hair and skin should be treated similarly — wash,  moisturize, and protect. The one caveat is scalp care. I’ve found, though my hair may be well cared for, in the winter months, that due diligence doesn’t always translate to my scalp. Special attention is often required. For me, a neglected scalp is free reign for the itchies and flakes.

Head & Shoulders, a familiar brand, has introduced the Moisture Care collection, especially for textured hair. The active ingredient, zinc pyrithione (ZPT), is activated by water and it targets the scalp and penetrates the surface of the skin to work as a barrier against skin irritants known to cause dandruff.

Reducing stress on the scalp and hair can easily start with using a co-wash like the Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Co-Wash. As we all know, co-wash is short for conditioner wash and in the winter months, reducing the use of shampoos is important to preserving moisture needed in dryer months.

Continuing with the idea of scalp care, the Scalp Soother is a great fix for in-between washes.  This serum can be massaged directly onto a wet or dry scalp and dries residue-free.

6 Ways to Protect Your Hair in the Winter

  • Deep condition as often as possible
  • Reduce the amount of coconut oil used
  • Invest in hair coverings
  • Protective style to preserve the ends of your hair (photo below)
  • Avoid clarifying too often
  • Ditch the shower cap

For further details about each of the recommendations listed above, here’s how I winterize my haircare routine.



Head and Shoulders scientists explored the unique needs and characteristics of African American hair and found a drastic need for moisture and protection. Head & Shoulders NEW Moisture Care collection, with Vitamin E rich almond oil and coconut essence, provides moisture for scalp and hair immediately and also over time, eliminating dandruff and leaving you 100% flake-free. For more information, visit Head & Shoulders on Facebook  and follow @HeadShoulders on Twitter.

What do you do to beef up the care of your hair in the colder months?


AmeeraNakisha February 25, 2015 at 6:54 pm

So EVERY company has a natural hair care line now? Oh…

My question is, When did everyone start caring about black natural hair?

Ok Ok let me be positive. Let me know how it works and you said DONT use coconut oil in the winter? Can you expound please?

West Parsons March 8, 2015 at 11:47 pm

You’re right. Where the money goes, brands will follow, I guess.

Because of the temperature, coconut oil will solidify. So I stray from using 100% coconut oil in the winter. I’m thinking it would be detrimental to the ends of your hair especially.