My Deets
A native of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, I currently live in Atlanta, GA. I love all things creative and beauty-related and I use this blog as my platform to talk about such.

By day, I am a therapist who adores the kiddos I work with. By night, I am twisting, braiding, twirling and curling maniac all while documenting it for those ladies (and gentleman) who are as obsessed with natural hair as I am.

My Hair + Etc.
I’ve pretty much have always had natural hair.  I did have a relaxer for about 2 years in my teens, but that nightmare quickly came to an end after loosing almost a half foot of hair after one Summer of neglect. Once natural again, I still didn’t necessarily appreciate my hair, but with all of the products which have recently come about, I’ve finally figured it all out! It wasn’t an easy road and definitely took some time and self-acceptance. Now, my hair is my hobby! I love its versatility and texture! Check out blog posts about my hair.

westndnbeauty4I also love fashion, but am a Frugal McDugal.  It literally pains me to pay full price for anything.  Anything! LOL. If you are ever looking for me in a store, check the sale racks — I’m there! With a coupon to boot!

The Blog
Reaching thousands of women worldwide, Confessions of a Blog Vixen is an extension of my YouTube channel started in 2010. This blog highlights the latest trends in fashion, style, product/tool reviews, and addresses cultural aspects related to the aforementioned.

  • Appeals to women of varying backgrounds, ages and interests with a common attentiveness to beauty and fashion
  • Regularly offers informative and creative posts with high usability in readers and viewers daily lives
  • Actively engages with readers and viewers while maintaining first-class integrity and a sense of camaraderie
  • Provides an in-depth look at the male perspective as it relates to the beauty of black women and our natural hair

Seeking an innovative way to bring your brand exposure? Readers follow and trust my personal experience with brands and products. There is a value in that element of trust which you don’t get with traditional advertising. Hands-on experience allows me to speak about a product’s quality in an organic and honest way.

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