Inspiration Shampoo
Price: $11 (8 oz.)
Product Claims: This shampoo will leave the hair clean, but not stripped of all of its natural oils. It is infused with 6, nutrient rich, carrier oils and raw honey that will keep the hair hydrated and soft. This is an excellent body wash
Ingredients: Purified Water, Decyl Clucoside (Derived from Sweet Orange), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (Derived from Coconuts) …

Admire Protein Mask
Price: $10.50 (8 oz.)
Product Claims: This mask is packed with lavender and honey, which work together to disinfects the scalp, enhances blood circulation, and treat scalp psoriasis, while soothing the scalp and working to fight hair loss. Silk amino protein helps rescue damaged hair while leaving it soft and unbelievably touchable. Use this mask once a month to keep your hair strong and protected!
Ingredients: Purified Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol (Derived from Coconut Oil) …

Dream Cream Moisturizer
Price: $9 (4 oz.)
Product Claims: This is a super creamy, hydrating moisturizer packed with numerous natural butters such as Shea, cocoa and mango! It also has many nourishing oils as well as organic aloe vera juice. Dream is excellent for relaxed hair or natural hair and every skin type as well.
Ingredients: Spring Water, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter …

Wisdom Cream Moisturizer
Price: $9 (4 oz.)
Product Claims: This is a heavy moisturizer with Shea butter and cocoa butter as its primary ingredients. Aloe vera gel, mango butter, and an array of several nutrient rich oils are combined to deliver the needed hydration to keep the hair soft. This moisturizer also has a very slight hold and is excellent for braiding, twisting and coiling the hair. It’s also an amazing body butter for rough dry skin.
Ingredients: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter …

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Starting with my hair in four sections, I dampened and applied a quarter-sized amount to each section of my scalp, rinsed and then re-twisted. The shampoo lathered nicely and had a fresh scent. I only lathered and rinse once. When using this shampoo again, I’d lather and rinse I second time because when applying the deep conditioner, I noticed there was a faint scent of the twisting cream/moisturizer I used from the past week.

Protein Mask
With my hair remaining in four sections, I towel dried and applied the conditioner in my usual fashion of the relaxer method — making sure to saturate every single strand on my head, but this conditioner wasn’t thick enough to weigh my hair down. All applied, I’d say my hair resembled what my hair would look like if I used too much moisturizer — very puffy. The scent of this product reminded me of eucalyptus, though I didn’t see it on the ingredients list. There is lavender oil. Of course I donned the plastic cap and therapy wrap.

I didn’t intend to fall asleep with the conditioner in, but I did. I rinsed 8+ hours later and I was quite surprised. My hair was really soft and silky. The wide tooth comb glided through without difficulty under running water.  I twisted each section back up and towel dried.

Dream Cream Moisturizer 
This is a very light cream with a light scent, as well. At first I was concerned about the 4 oz sized product not being enough, but it turns out that I didn’t need much. I used this moisturizer as a leave-in and it had so much slip that I really think that should be added the list of product claims. I twisted my hair into 12 large twists and allowed my hair to mostly air dry.

My hair air-dried really soft and smells really nice too! I was surprised. I haven’t used many leave-ins that can, by themselves, leave my hair feeling soft without the addition of an oil or butter.

Wisdom Heavy Cream
This cream is much thicker, like a butter, as compared to the Dream Cream. This also has a pleasant sent, but I can’t equate it to another scent or food item. It’s really smooth, but when applied to hair it requires a little manipulation to rid of the whitish film that many rich butters leave.

After stretching my hair with heat, I used a little of the Dream Cream Moisturizer (to provide definition) and sealed with the Heavy Cream while flat twisting.  I let it set overnight and untwisted the next day.  My  hair was soft and defined — as much as it could be since my flat twisting (for a twist-out) skills are out of practice lol.

sweetnaturebyeddie2 sweetnaturebyeddie


When trying a new product I’m always a little cautious, but time and time again I’m finding that many of them are gems! These four Sweet Nature by Eddie products are no different. I like that the protein mask because it’s loaded with silk amino acids and didn’t require the follow-up of a moisturizing deep conditioner, the  dream cream served three purposes (moisturizer, detangler, added definition), and the wisdom cream was not super heavy but nourishing to my strands. Overall, a little of any of these products go a long way.

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This giveaway is for three full-sized kits! Each kit will contain an 8oz shampoo, 8oz conditioner, and a choice of 4oz moisturizer:

  • Wisdom Cream Moisturizer is recommended for type 4 hair to twist, coil, or braid
  • Dream Cream Moisturizer is recommend for type 3 hair to reduce frizz and offer definition

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