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What is red palm oil?
Recently, while perusing the chaotic aisles of Dekalb Farmer’s Market (Atlanta), I came across a display for red palm oil (not to be confused with red palm kernel oil), which compared this oil to olive and of course touting the powerful antioxidant benefits it carries. It is obtained from the flesh of palm fruit grown on palm trees.  The color of the oil is due to the high levels of carotene (beta-carotene and lycopene), levels greater than what’s found in carrots and tomatoes.  It contains no cholesterol but behaves much like hydrogenated oils as it thickens at room temperature. This makes it an ideal substitute for food manufacturers to replace the less healthy hydrogenated oils, but once this oil is heated and refined, it looses its color and many of the health benefits it offers in it’s natural state.

Dr. Oz can catch you up to speed on all the other health benefits as it relates to the body. Now lets talk about all it’s magical hair goodness!

My Experience with Palm Oil
The scent of this oil is not at all soothing like coconut oil. Actually it smells quite offensive — much like neem oil.  At room temperature it very thick and slow to pour. I applied it to my dry hair as a pre-poo, while removing shed hairs, then applied a deep conditioner and a hair therapy wrap atop.

After several hours of wiping red drips, which WILL stain clothing, I rinsed my hair and it felt so dang soft and dare I say, silky! This level of softness? Coconut oil does not compare. Red palm oil seems to be in a category of it’s own. Detangling was a breeze as I prepared to twist my wet hair to air dry, hoping the softness would last well into hair drying, but it didn’t. Womp, womp! But the true test of moisturized hair is how easily it blow dries and I choose to skip that this round.

Final Thoughts
The ease in detangling is absolutely something to write home about. With extreme levels of vitamin E, it promotes growth, deep conditions strands and obviously conditions the scalp — I can attest  my scalp has been flake-free since my initial use two weeks ago.  I’ll be adding this to my conditioner mixes in the future. A little goes a long way and it’s inexpensive. Can’t beat that!

Products with Red Palm Oil
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Have you used red palm oil?

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