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As someone with problem skin, I can attest to trying tons of products with various active ingredients. But the one  ingredient I always come back to is alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). AHAs work to exfoliate, helping to increase turn over of new skin cells, evening your completion, fading dark spots due to acne, flaky dry skin, and other problems. So when I was contacted by War Paint Skincare and saw the number of products listed for the gamut of skin issues (i.e. oily, aging, hyper pigmentation, etc.) we all will experience at one time or another, I was game.

Papaya Enzyme Cleanser ($27)
This 7.5 oz liquid cleanser comes with a foaming pump which helps those, like myself, who may be heavy handed when pouring anything, to regulate how much product is used. Two pumps were enough. Typically, I massaged the foam in and allowed it to sit on my face for a few minutes while I brushed my teeth. When using cleansers that contain AHAs, I typically allow it to sit on my skin. I like to believe this gives the enzymes time to breakdown layers of skin so that the toner and moisturizer are readily absorbed for fading of dark spots.

Papaya Enzyme Toner ($27)
I find that many toners tend to be drying and require the immediate follow-up of a moisturizer, especially those with AHAs. This toner is a little different and almost seems to have a moisturizing factor. There wasn’t any burn nor much tingling.

Enzyme Night Cream Price ($46)
A little goes a long way. In fact, a little too much of this paired with the enzyme toner can result in a sticky mess — for me, an oily, sticky, mess. With that said, I am partial to night time moisturizers ladened with AHAs because they remain on the skin all night long. When you sleep, that is your body’s time to repair and uncontrollable bodily functions do occur (i.e. going to sleep with smooth skin and waking with Mt. Rushmore on your chin). But when taking preventative measures, like moisturizing with an AHA cream, it gives your skin a fighting chance to awaken sans extra blemishes in the AM.


Oil Defense Serum ($33)
I didn’t have any expectations for this product because I have such oily skin. Hardly anything ever stops the oil from bleeding through within an hour. I originally tried this serum’s use on one-half of my face just before going to bed. The next morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find the side of my face, which the serum was used, to be significantly less oily than the side with moisturizer only.

I figured I’d try using the serum again under make-up. I applied moisturizer > serum > tinted moisturizer > mineral finish. I must admit, there was a 2-3 hour delay before any oil began to bleed through. I made it through an entire church service and wasn’t glistening upon benediction 😀 lol.  And when I did blot, my makeup actually stayed on my face and didn’t come off on the blotting paper!

The photo below is my makeup application before church.


FOUNDATION: BB Dream Fresh + MAC Mineralize Skinfinish  LIPS: Clarins Joli Rouge 701 + NYX Butter Gloss Apple Strudel BLUSH: NYX Cinnamon MASCARA: Covergirl Flamed Out


Though the War Paint Skincare website could contain more information that will be helpful for skincare newbies to make an informed decision (i.e. listing ingredients, detailed recommended use, product size info, etc), overall, I think this line is worth a try. I prefer aggressive and highly concentrated AHA products, but this line’s gentle nature is just right for those new to AHAs. For instance, there is a blemish to the left of my nose that I had been heavily concealing. Since using this product, it has almost completely faded away. Y’all, this blemish was so bad that I had to dress it up as a mole — if you a saw me at the hair show in Atlanta this Spring, you may have seen it lol. Yes, it was still making appearances months later #JustDisrespectful!

In addition to using this skincare line for the last 3 weeks, I have also increased my water intake (preferably Evian) and I’m continuing to maintain use of an exfoliating mask weekly. I can attest to all of these things working to improve the texture and condition of my skin — this is coming from someone with major skin issues.

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The giveaway below is for a skincare set which includes a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer selected by the winner from any product line (i.e. papaya enzyme, oil defense, vitamins c). Good luck!

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