These snake print Nine West loafers happens to be my latest freebie. Some time ago I shared how I score free items through surfing the web with SwagBucks. This continues to be my bread and butter when it comes to hair, beauty, electronic and fashion buys. I typically trade my swagbucks in for Amazon gift cards, but you can trade in for countless other retailers’ gift cards such as Macys, Paypal (cash), Papa John’s and Starbucks to name a few.

When you trade your swagbucks for the giftcard of your choice, after a few days the gift card code will appear in your swagbucks account. You will enter the code onto the respective online retailers account and the cash will become available immediately.  Below you see the screenshot of my most recent cards earned.

For those who may not believe, here is the screenshot online invoice from my Endless.com account when I purchased the loafers. Some personal information has been blocked for privacy purposes.

This Micheal Kors watch was another swagbucks purchase. See online invoice for watch here.

For some, this may be a reminder that you have a swagbucks account. For others, this may be completely new to you. I’ve been collecting and buying with swagbucks consistently for the last 2+ years.  If you don’t have an account, I’d be remiss in not sharing this with you guys (especially those new to my blog).

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Do you have a swagbucks account?