How To| Prevent and Treat Excessive Hair Shedding

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big curl afro Q: I’ve noticed for several months my hair sheds a lot, I use deep conditioning products every time I shampoo or co-wash, but it still sheds. What can I use that will stop this immediately? –Cherice

A: Ugh shedding! The bain of an active hair grower’s existence! But keep in mind, shedding is a natural part of the hair growth cycle.

What’s Considered Normal Shedding
Concern should arise when shedding occurs beyond what is considered your norm; Kimmaytube shared her technique on how she determines how much is too much here.  Also make note of the length of time which spans between styling sessions. Since hair sheds an average of 100 strands daily, if a significant period of time passes from the last time you styled, expect more hair to be released.

Diet & Regimen
Sometimes, though we are doing everything possible to garner health hair, there may be one missing link that throws us off track. In this case I would look towards a couple areas — your regimen & diet.

Deep conditioning is a necessity for our kinky, curly, coily hair. This process often imparts moisture — the one characteristic our hair lacks naturally. In addition to moisture we also have to be sure that our strands are balanced with protein too. Protein helps to fill gaps along our hair, from root to tip, strengthening and reconstructing the shaft. How to Strengthen Natural Hair offers great suggestions for protein conditioners.

In addition to protein, other topical treatments can help in retaining your strands: garlic, pea sprouts, and aloe vera. alter ego garlic

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Finally, be sure your diet contains those nutrients and minerals necessary for healthy hair, skin and nails. Promoting Healthy Hair from the Inside Out is your best bet when all other attempts at improving your hair’s condition seems to be failing.

What other tips can you share with Cherice on how you combat excessive shedding?

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liibaan October 17, 2014 at 2:45 pm

my problem is shedding my of hair every day and weakening the top of my head hair and I am 22 years so it is remarkable that my father have alopecia so i need you to give me a guideline to prevent and treat my hair