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by West Parsons on January 13, 2014

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henna sooq sweet honey cocoveda product review



Sweet Honey Hair Nourisher
Price: $12 (8 oz.)
Where to Buy: Henna Sooq
Product Claims: Rich Sweet Honey combined with the strength, and conditioning of our Organic Cassia Obovata makes for the yummiest hair nourisher made with ayurvedic love by Henna Sooq.This is used as a deep conditoning hair treatment.
Ingredients: pure honey, organic vegetable glycerine, organic sunflower oil…

Cocoveda Hair Oil
Price: $15 (4 oz.)
Where to Buy: Henna Sooq
Product Claims: Our rich moisturizing ayurvedic coconut hair oil your hair’s new best friend. This oil was created with the utmost care, and dedication; detangles, moisturizes, hair strengthening, promotes, hair growth, tames frizzes, smells amazing!
Ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic ginger, brahmi…


Sweet Honey Hair Nourisher
Based on what I saw on Henna Sooq’ website, I was actually expecting the Sweet Honey Nourisher to appear more like a cream. Instead, what I received was something similar to a very dense honey. It almost has a gritty feel when scooping, then sticky when manipulating. Much like BASK’s YAM Honey Hair Nourisher, though much thicker, your hands and hair should be damp in order to spread the product evenly.

The scent is that of lemongrass. I don’t mind it, but it’s pretty strong considering I was still smelling the product after it was totally rinsed out.

henna sooq sweet honey product review

I added the Honey Nourisher to my freshly washed hair section by section, making sure to re-dampen any portion which dried as I completed the process. With this technique, it did spread evenly. Of course I slipped on a plastic cap, therapy wrap, and then overnighted that joint, as usual.

The next morning everything rinsed easily, as expected. My hair was soft and shiny.

Cocoveda Hair Oil
Since it is winter, the oil was solid. Though there are many additional ayurvedic ingredients, besides the slight greenish tint, the oil was still scented much like pure coconut oil.

I used a dab of this oil on a section of my naked hair and then added my leave in conditioner. For the remainder of my hair, I used the leave-in conditioner only. Once my hair dried and I began to stretch it, there was a noticeable difference in the smoothness and shine of the section of my hair which was treated with the cocoveda oil.


This really could have been a Splurge or Save comparison, in regards to the deep conditioning honey treatment. The Sweet Honey Nourishing Deep Conditioner performed quite similar to BASKs YAM Nectar, but is cheaper by $5. Honestly, because of how dense it is, I think it could last a bit longer, adding 1-2 more uses (depending on the length of your hair).

In regards to the coconut oil, it is much like any other coconut oil I’ve used, but if you are on a ayurvedic regimen for increased hair growth, this would probably be your go-to oil. I really liked that all of the ingredients were organic and the oil actually penetrated my dry hair, which is not typical for most store bought coconut oils.

Photos below illustrate what my hair looked like post a bantu-knot out using the cocoveda oil and a leave-in.

bantuknotout_updo1 bantuknotout_updo2 bantuknotout_updo3

I still have  a few more goodies that Henna Sooq sent which I will be reviewing  pretty soon. Stay tuned!

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