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by West Parsons on March 2, 2014 · 1 comment

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On the heels of a whirlwind awards season, I present Lupita Nyong’o, Academy Award winning, supporting actress, for her role as Patsey in 12 Years A Slave.


Other Awards

Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role
Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actress
NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture


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Ronnica March 8, 2014 at 10:26 pm

What a wonderful speech by Lupita, such a beautiful woman. I just finish watching “12 Years of Slave”, and I am reminded of the struggles that we as African America’s continue to experience even in 2014. I want to say Thank you to Lupita (Patsey), and Soloman for giving me back my God given strength. As working for a powerful medical institution, has brought many feelings that in 2014, after Dr. Martin Luther King, and Rosa Parks one should not have to endure such harsh conditions to make an honest living for her family, but it continues. The mention of Hitler and Slavery by an administrator as a means of bullying, taunghting and demeaning tools are unprofessional. When mention to HR, with an appeal for it to be said that they acknowledge, there has been some wrong doing by the administrator, but it is communication error. If I feel to perceive the environment to be stressful to go to EAP. I feel that for a prominent educational medical institution that utilizes taxpayers dollars (my dollars) to build their empire that the law allows them to get away with such unethical practices especially toward African Americans; furthermore, whats worse is that no legal advisor is wiling to go up against the giant. God is good, we shall reap what we sew. Much heart felt thanks to Lupita (Patsey), and Soloman for giving strength to me in a difficult time. Such a powerful message that together we are strong.