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by West Parsons on April 8, 2014 · 4 comments

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Amongst body care and cosmetic brands, Lush Cosmetics offers an experience like no other. Some bath stores may be less expensive, but if you are conscious of what you put in and on your body, you’ll spare no reasonable expense. Freshly handmade goods using organic fruits, vegetables, and essential oils is the hallmark of the Lush experience.

Perusing their website I came across their Easter collection of bath products. I think what really drew me in was the Golden Egg. A few clicks later and I had a ton of Easter goodies in my virtual basket. Figured this would be an awesome opportunity for review and Lush agreed. They immediately sent over a number of bath items.

Before opening the box it all shipped in, I was sure something spilled or had come undone. There was such a fragrant aroma coming from the package. Once opened, I was pleasantly surprised to find everything still in tact! And it all smelled so good!


IMG_9379Golden Egg ($8.95)
This is absolutely the most festive bath product I’ve ever! Why? Because the extremely fine specks of glitter remained even after I was all lotioned up. So much so, there was enough glitter left in the tub for my next soak. I had a tough time getting it all out so I decided to let the fairy dust remain and surprisingly, it wasn’t offensive. It stayed isolated to my skin and the tub.  The other great thing about this bath bomb is how moisturized my skin felt after wards, which makes sense considering it is infused with olive oil.  I noticed the tiny bubbles of oil floating at the start of my bath and by the end, it was all absorbed into my skin.


IMG_9367Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon ($6.25)
I suspect bubbleroon is play on the tasty pastry, the macaroon. I twisted it in half and let the water run directly on it. I loved, loved, loved the scent of this. I really wish  there was a way to describe it — but I can’t. It didn’t smell like food, nor earthy. It was very tropical. The best part is, I still have half left. Though I probably should have used both for the experience I wanted — more bubbles!



Brightside ($10.95)
With a very citrusy scent, this bubble bar produced the most bubbles with ease. I cut off a chunk and let the water run on it, similarly to the bubbleroon. This scent gave me a bit of an energy boost! Where as I’m usually sleepy after a soaking bath, Brightside had me up and at ’em!




Bunch of Carrots ($12.95)
The big daddy of longevity — these carrots have lasted two baths thus far and I see at least two more in the near future. The scent is similar to the bubbleroon, which I love! Though, not as much bubbles. You hold the carrots under running water or wave them around in the tub and put away the remainder for another day.  Don’t break them up.


After trying all of these products, I took a trip to my nearby Lush store (Perimeter Mall) to indulge a bit more in their awesome sauce. The employees were super nice and really knowledgeable about not only the products, but the Lush brand as well.  At the store I experienced the Bewitched massage bar –ingenious idea btw — and was able to check out a few more of the bath bombs in action.

Overall, Lush is a winner! The Funny Bunny would make a great Easter gift for the kids or yourself!

What’s your fav Lush Cosmetics product?


The Frugal Exerciser April 8, 2014 at 9:48 am

My girlfriend works for Lush and she just sent my a Lush care package. I got Jasmine and Henna fluff-eaze, it’s a pre conditioner before shampooing. I’m using that this morning. I also got Retrend hair conditioner, Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo and Indigo henna. I don’t do baths because I need to renovate my bathroom but I am envious of your bath products.

westNDNbeauty April 9, 2014 at 1:51 pm

I’ve tried their Cacao henna, but no other hair products. How’d you like them?

Lakeisha April 8, 2014 at 3:33 pm

These look really great. I want to try more, but more skin usually reacts poorly heavily scented products.

westNDNbeauty April 9, 2014 at 1:52 pm

Which have you tried? How did it do with your skin?