Reader Email| Overnight Deep Conditioning for Easily Straightened Hair

by West Parsons on April 5, 2014

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flat iron natural hair overnight deep conditioning
Q: Found your youtube channel via and I just tried your method for straightened. I’ll admit, I was skeptical–deep conditioning overnight? Really? LOL Boy, was I pleasantly surprised!!! Thanks again for the amazing tip!!!

Your fellow curlie,
Janay (pictured above)

A: Thanks Janay for your take on the method I use! I’m glad your results were favorable!

In my experience, following directions on the product is so overrated. There are exceptions to every rule and hair is no different, which is why some products work for one and not the other. Cosmetologists and brands lead us to believe our hair absorbs the same amount of moisture from a conditioner when left on for 20 minutes as it would for an hour — not true. This is evidenced by the noticeable difference we and many others have experienced while flat ironing our hair after an overnight deep conditioning, as compared to 20 minutes of deep conditioning.  You experience has added to the, now well known fact that, increased moisture leads to textured hair which is much more easily straightened.

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Have you tried my method for straightening?