Product Review| OSSAT Naturals Smoothing Shampoo, Triple Moisture Lotion, Curling Custard, Form & Hold Gel, Moisture Mist

by West Parsons on July 22, 2014

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You’re probably wondering, what’s an OSSAT? I came across the brand during the spring edition of the World Natural Hair Show and it’s actually an acronym for Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower, Argan, and Tea Tree. These are said to be the moisture blend of ingredients contained in these products which add shine, reduce frizz, and condition.


Smoothing Shampoo ($9)
I was initially concerned about the use of this shampoo, considering it’s labeled protein strengthening, which in my mind means my hair is going to be stripped, tangled and hard when I rinse, but I was pleasantly surprised. This shampoo lathered well and my hair was soft and springy after. No issues with detangling and pretty moisturizing if you ask me.

Tripple Moisture Lotion ($9)
This leave-in’s texture and performance is very similar to Kinky-Curly Knot Today. I applied this product to my freshly washed hair. Like KCKT, it detangled well, has good slip, and dries to lack luster results. Womp womp. I definitely needed to follow-up with an additional moisturizer as my hair dried because it felt like I’d only used water. For future use of this product I would opt to mixing with coconut or jojoba oil.

Once my hair dried, I stretched it using heat and didn’t run into any problems with smoking or burning, which sometimes happens when you blow dry with a leave-in not best for heat use.

Curling Custard ($8)
This product is like an opaque jelly. I lightly coated a section of my hair, twisted, and allowed the twists to to set. It did so fairly quickly. The product was definitely of a wet consistency, which generally allows for nice definition once dried. I allowed one section to set with the curling custard alone and I added the moisture mist oil to the other. The portion of my hair set only with curling custard was nicely defined but felt dry and needed a follow-up of an additional moisturizer.


Natural Oils Moisture Mist ($8)
This product is packaged with a misting spray nozzle that works perfectly. It’s not a steady stream of oil, but an actual mist! Unfortunately, one pump of this product left my hair feeling quite greasy. This could be as a result of isopropyl palmitate being listed first — an ingredient I am not familiar with. I was in fear of lint until wash day arrived. But I really liked the spray nozzle and will probably use it for another oil in my arsenal.

Form & Hold Wax ($9)
Generally, I’m not a fan of gels and after using this product, that hasn’t changed. I’ve yet to meet a gel that is a match for my 4a edges.  I applied a bit to smooth them, added a scarf to help it all lay down, and 15 minutes after the scarf was off — FUZZ! This gel is quite thick and probably would work well for someone with finer and/or looser texture.



Overall, the one product from this line which is a keeper for my hair is the smoothing shampoo. It cleansed well, but didn’t leave my hair feeling squeaky clean, and my hair still felt detangled. There are other items in OSSAT’s line I didn’t receive, like the co-wash, deep moisture mask (I love a deep conditioner!), and the twist shaping gelly, which may all be worth your exploration.


 Have you tried a product from this brand?