Africa and the Infancy of Their Natural Hair Movement

by West Parsons on February 16, 2015

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The Motherland. Africa. The place where so much of our own culture has originated is probably the one place you’d least associate with the image of Black women having mostly relaxed hair, right? Change your perception. The Ivory Coast and other urban African cities are now undergoing their own natural hair movement. For the most part, women in Africa with natural hair have been met with resistance…

Bibi Gnagno writes a blog on the subject and has launched a natural hair consultancy and product line in Abidjan. American-born, the Ivory Coast transplant was fascinated with local perceptions of natural hair so much that she’s in the process of filming a documentary, titled “Is that (all) your hair?”

Gnagno has interviewed dozens of women about their attitudes regarding their hair.

“I ask women, ‘Now that you’ve gone natural, what comments do you get?’ For some of them, it’s: ‘What’s wrong with you? Do you not have enough money to go to a salon? Did your husband leave you? Go get a perm,'” she says. 

“It’s starting to change slowly but surely, but it’s not as rampant as it is in the States. But it’s on its way,” she adds.

Continue reading this article written by Daisy Carrington via CNN.

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What say you? Does this surprise you? Were you aware of the disposition men and women in some parts of Africa have towards natural hair?