How To| Prep Your Natural Hair for Installation of Synthetic Braids

by West Parsons on September 16, 2015

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Though waves and ocean breezes are beautiful and relaxing, having hair which resembles Don King is not.  How does that happen you ask? Humidity! One thing I refuse to do while on vacation is partake in any sorts of hair care beyond moisturizing my roots and smoothing edges. Besides, TSA liquid allowance won’t let hair product junkies, like myself, be great!

This time I took a trip to Grand Cayman! Braids allows me to enjoy the ocean breeze and actually get in the water without fear of looking like Medusa at the end of the day. I usually prep my own hair a few days before departure and this #TargetBeautyBox came just in time for my annual summer excursion.


Step 1: Wash & Condition
Of course starting with a clean slate is ideal. I also make sure to spike my deep conditioner with oil & honey to kick the moisture up a notch.

Step 2: Smooth & Stretch
I air dried first to reduce the amount of heat needed to smooth and stretch my hair, therefore lessening the risk of heat damage . While my hair was still wet, I used  Dove Quench Absolute Creme Serum *inject commercial here* which allowed my hair to air dry SO soft! The blow drying process was such a breeze and my hair was so smooth I almost pulled out my flat iron to finish the process. But I digress.

Step 3: Moisturize
This goes without saying, but there are many factors which affect hair’s moisture (or lack thereof), such as intertwined synthetic hair, salt water, wind and sun, so a cream moisturizer is a must! Curls Creme Brule was my go-to this time.

Once my hair was all braided up, I refreshed my roots daily with the Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave-in.

Below are a few photos from my recent adventures in the Cayman Islands — one of my favorite caribbean islands other than the Virgin Islands.

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