Reaching thousands of women worldwide, Confessions of a Blog Vixen (CoaBV) is an extension of westNDNbeauty’s YouTube channel, started in 2010. This blog highlights the latest trends in fashion & style, product/tool reviews, and addresses cultural aspects related to the aforementioned.

  • Appeals to women of varying backgrounds, ages and interests with a common attentiveness to beauty and fashion
  • Regularly offers informative and creative posts with high usability in readers and viewers daily lives
  • Actively engages with readers and viewers while maintaining first-class integrity and a sense of camaraderie
  • Provides an in-depth look at the male perspective as it relates to the beauty of black women and our natural hair

FOCUS:  Offering informative posts inspiring the style and beauty of the culturally conscious fashionista on a budget. CONTENT: Product/Photo/Video Reviews, Fashion, Style Inspiration, Beauty, Bargain/Deals (in these categories), Natural Hair and the Occasional Male Perspective


BLOG [+] Confessions of a Bog Vixen receives 52,500 – 55,000 page views per month.  Currently there are 965+ subscribers via Google Friend Connect / Bloglovin’ / Feedburner readers and average 1,300 – 2,400 page views per day.

TWITTER [+] Used to promote all blog posts, which are automatically shared using the hashtag #naturalhair to 1,150+ Followers increasing audience views beyond current followers.  Twitter is also used for friendly, everyday engagement of followers with random musings and silly banter.

FACEBOOK [+] With 4,700+ Likes Facebook is used to engage and alert readers of new blog content, share media links not typical of blog content, encourage conversation and offer advice regarding hair regimens and products.

YOUTUBE [+] YouTube is used as a way to reach my 11,217+ Subscribers who are not regular readers of Confession of a Blog Vixen, engage them by sharing tutorials, product reviews and other information.  Follow up links are also provided in the description of each video, often linking to and expansion of information presented in the posted video.

INSTAGRAM [+] Instagram is a window viewed by 1,913+ Followers of life and experiences. Shares include real-time hair styling to current shoe game. This medium is also excellent at sneak-peaking blog posts, sharing products or discussion starters.

NEWSLETTER [+] A newly added form of social engagement currently has 444+ subscribers. Newsletters which includes blog updates and giveaways are sent to subscribers.

SEARCH ENGINES This blog organically appears on first page results for a number of topic searches related to natural hair.  +Google: Natural Hair Blog  +Google: Natural Hair Product Review Blog


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Product reviews are an excellent way to increase your brand’s exposure, SEO and sales. A mention, positive or otherwise can promote awareness amongst a new audience and generate more sales for the brand. Reviews on CoaBV are always thoughtful and are often paired with visual media (photos, video, etc). To maintain the integrity of CoaBv’s content and position within this niche community, reviews are always 100% honest.

Products sent for review without an advertorial agreement in place are for review consideration only.

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